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Texas Money Services Act

Some Texas District Attorney’s Office’s have gotten creative in how they prosecute those allegedly involved in dealings with money with illicit or illega origins. Although the Texas money services act was intended as an act to protect those involved in banking transactions, it has been used by local proseecutors in situations where Money Laundering may

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White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes refer to non-violent offenses committed for financial gain, typically by professionals or businesspeople. In Texas, white-collar crimes include various offenses, such as: Embezzlement: The act of stealing funds or property entrusted to one’s care, often by an employee or executive of a company. Fraud: Intentionally deceiving another person or entity for financial gain,

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A Houston criminal defense attorney for theft and robbery offenses.

Theft Crimes

AGGRESSIVE DEFENSE FOR THEFT CRIMES Charges involving theft are very serious for several reasons. First, a conviction for theft can have devastating consequences on your permanent criminal record because they are considered “crimes of moral turpitude.” Theft crimes are viewed very negatively by employers, licensing boards, and government agencies performing background checks. Our firm will

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