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LeGrande Law is a client focused criminal defense law firm.  If facing criminal charges is one of the most important matters of your life.  We at LeGrande Law are dedicated to fighting zealously for our clients – Tristan LeGrande goes to battle for every client to defend their rights and win their case.  Attorney LeGrande explores all possibilities to achieve the best results for his clients.

Recently awarded “Top 40 Under 40” by the National Trial Lawyers for 2017, 

Our goal is to get your case dismissed, the evidence suppressed, or to win at trial.

Attorney Tristan LeGrande has a track record of winning cases – before you decide to take a deal, set up a free consultation!

At LeGrande law we see the big picture: we have clients that are good people that just need help – Tristan LeGrande is dedicated to helping clients in this difficult time.

The LeGrande Law advantage: experience, a strong work ethic, and unwavering dedication to our clients.

If you need help regarding a criminal law matter for yourself, a friend or a loved one, please… contact us.


Best Criminal Lawyer.

5.0/5.0 STARS

Posted by Michael 

Tristan represented me on an 3rd degree felony assault of a family member impeding breath charge. He was on point from the beginning – Tristan phoned me to alert me of a warrent placed for my arrest related to this charge so I may not be caught off guard, as well as, to present myself in the best possible light with the court. As luck has it I was assigned one of the most difficult judges in Harris County. While on bond I caught an additional charge (eventually dismissed) which placed me back in front of this judge. Judge placed me in jail with no bond. Questioning if that was legal, Tristan envoked my consitutional rights and obtained bond from Judge. While in jail with no bond Jesus Christ couldn’t of got me out of jail, but I was very confident Tristan was fighting for my rights to have me a bond. A lesser lawyer and I would of sat in jail months until trial. The complaining witness was unscrupulous at best and when trial came Tristan strategically avoided the potential embarrassment of trial and negotiated the best possible outcome/deal – reduced to a misdemeanor with barely a year deffered adjudication (not probation/not a guilty verdict) and less than 24 hours community service and minimal fines and fees. If I would of placed my trust in a lesser attorney I would of potentially been a convicted felon for the rest of my life with a violent charge made worse by the domestic violence stigma. If I were to ever make a false move under those types of circumstances in the future whatever mistake I made would be compounded. Hire Tristan! Trust Tristan and tell him everything, every detail of the truth – that’s how he wins cases!

First Degree Felony dismissed

5.0/5.0 STARS

Posted by anonymous July 6, 2017

About a year ago my world came to a complete stop. I got arrested and I feared the worst because my charge was an extremely severe charge that could have 5-99 years in jail time. I knew hiring the right lawyer would be my only hope to winning this case. I consulted a couple of different lawyers but either felt like they just wanted my money or that they didn’t really have my best interests in their minds. After speaking with Tristan, I knew that he was going to be my choice. He was respectful, honest, but also gave me more info than anyone prior had. The case dragged out over months and the offers were not pretty. Started out with 7 years jail time, then down to 6, and finally probation. Now normally, most people would accept probation on such a huge offense like mine. Unfortunately, I could not accept this bargain. After conversing with Tristan about our odds we decided to take it to trial. He did not promise that we would win but he also did not make me feel like we had no chance. Over the next few months, Tristan worked tirelessly on our arguement while I was able to go about life while I was out on bail. I will be honest, I feared the worst. A few days before our trial date I got the best news of my life. They were dismissing my case! I literally cried tears of joy after hearing that. I could not believe it. Tristan presented such a good arguement that the defense had to discuss it and they decided it would be best to dismiss. Tristan is an excellent attorney who responds promptly and always has your best interests in mind. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Tristan as your lawyer and would definitely recommend him to anyone that I knew.

Heaven Sent

5.0/5.0 STARS

Posted by Biko Reese November 13, 2016

I had the biggest scare of my life when I was facing 25-LIFE for evading arrest in a motor vehicle. No one was injured or killed. The charge was enhanced due to previously being convicted twice for offenses other than evading. I was denied bond, then after 90 days, was given a $50k bond which I eventually made. I hired an attorney that I later realized was a con with a license and lost my family’s money. After reading negative reviews about that liar… I mean lawyer, I came across Tristan Legrande. This man was the complete opposite! Words cannot describe how much of a blessing he actually was! He never lied or gave me any false hope, yet was very determined, genuine, and showed that he actually cared. We went to trial and the case was dismissed on the first day! THE VERY FIRST DAY! Can you imagine fighting a charge for a whole year, that could cost you the rest of your life away from everyone and everything you love, and beating it right after the jury was selected? That was nothing short of a miracle! NO BS, THIS MAN IS MY PERSONAL HERO! My family and I thank you with all of our hearts Tristan! You saved my life, and for that I am forever grateful! If anyone is looking for an attorney that will really fight for you… LOOK NO FURTHER! THANKS AGAIN TRISTAN! THE ONE AND ONLY! ”


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